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We rent clean, well maintained restroom trailers for any event.  We currently stock the 5 station units.  3 stalls for the women with a large double sink and one touch faucets.  The men have 1 stall, 1 urinal and single sink with one touch faucet.  All trailers come fully stocked with paper products and hand soap as well.  The 5 station trailer is perfect for any event up to 250 guests. 

Clean restrooms for any event!!


These trailers can be used for almost any type of event.  Weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties,  corporate events,  church/school events, or any other fun occasion.  Each unit can be powered from any 110v source or ran off of a large generator.  Our trailers feature a large onboard 120gal fresh water holding tank and 360gal waste tank for many days of usage.  Every trailer that we stock also features trash cans,  L.E.D lighting inside and out, air conditioning and heat as well.

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Not only are these trailers a great option for any event, but they are also a great tool for bathroom remodelers as well. Especially in a corporate setting.  We rent trailers for days, weeks or months to contractors who are renovating restrooms in any type of commercial building.  We also provide the same trailers for homes as well while the family is going through a bathroom renovation project.

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